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Proofing and editing services are billed at the competitive rate of $1.50 per page. Please enter the number of pages as your quantity.


Script Sharpener Proofing Services correct: 

* Spelling errors

* Typographical errors

* Grammatical mistakes

* Punctuation errors

* Verb tense problems

* Incorrect and inconsistent capitalization mistakes

* Subject-verb agreement

* Screenplay format glitches

* Missing words, duplicate words, homonym confusion



Once you’ve placed your order and paid via PayPal, email a Final Draft version of your screenplay or TV script to info@scriptsharpener.com or upload here.


Your edited screenplay will be returned via email in Final Draft Revisions Mode format with all changes highlighted within 10 days from receipt of your script and payment. Please add Rush Delivery or Need It Now! to your order for a faster turnaround.



Script Sharpener is a service. You retain full rights to your screenplay and Script Sharpener respects your ownership right as well as confidentiality or the material.

Proofing & Editing

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